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The Ancient Cathedral City of Brechin is in Angus, Scotland.

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This boxed set of 10 audio discs, each containing about one hour of individuals in the Brechin area describing domestic and working life between the 1920s and 1980s.

Disc 1 -  Housing and Living Conditions, Disc 2 - Shops and Shopping, Disc 3 - Retail, Disc 4 & 5 - Working, Skills and Factories, Disc 6 - Skilled and Professional, Disc 7 - Professionals and the Land,  Disc 8 - Land and Education, Disc 9 - Entertainment and Recreation,  Disc 10 - Wartime and Military.

The discs can be played on ordinary CD players as well as computers and cover a diverse range of life experienced by folk of Brechin and its surrounding area.

The price of £ 45 for the boxed set does not include post and packaging.

There is a discount of £ 5 for members of the Friends of Brechin Town House Museum and participants in the Brechin Oral History Project.

Buy securely with PayPal or e-mail us for further information  >  [email protected].

Boxed Set of 10 CD's including UK packing & postage £ 50   


Boxed Set of 10 CD's including Overseas packing & postage £ 55